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(1)  First new information I´d like to write down is about the VOLKSLAMP

Like Volkswagen as a car for the people, Volkslamp should be the tube for the people.
Based in Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands, Volkslamp was a small company who
tried to build a tube so cheap that it would become available to anyone.
The build quality however is fairly low.
Besides this, they built the same tube on top of a number of different bases and selling
them as 1805, 1823 ( both philips references ) 80, 5Z3 and AZ1

You could bring the old tube to get a discount when buying a new one.
They re-used the base of the defective tube.

I do have a number of these tubes however the boxes are not in prestine condition.
2 are for sale for collecting.


The Marconi  BM3A

There is no information on this tube in the internet.
I have been studying the tube for a long time but can not determine what it is or what it is for.

If you know this tube, please send me an e-mail.

Especially when tubes are used in amplifiers that do not employ any feedback
it is important to use selected pairs.    Differences in the gain of the tubes could
lead to audible differences in loudness between the two channels of a stereo set.

List of PHILIPS factory codes. I have corrected this list
  but it is still open for any corrections / additions
  OpenOffice-Draw format.

Picking Capacitors
  Article from "AUDIO" 1980 by Walter Jung and Richard Mersh
  ZIP containing 16 pages, scanned from photocopies

  Within a batch of tubes I bought, there were tubes with the
  brandname   "  DE VOLKSLAMP ".   This is Dutch, meaning
  the peoples-tube.  Like Volkswagen is peoples-car and with
  peoples is ( was ) meant the workers.
  The tubes must have been cheap at the time of production.
  They are poorly build but however, meet the specs.
Getting the most out of Vacuum Tubes
  Scan of book on Vacuum-Tubes